Press Releases

Bill Townsend Press Releases CD4

Protecting Consumer Data and Children

Bill Signs Term Limits Pledge

Term limits are an idea whose time has come. I signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge.

Guns & Violence

We're all concerned that guns fall into the wrong hands and we want solutions to violence. Bill has a comprehensive plan to combat violence head the root causes.

Bill's Comprehensive Immigration Program

Worker Protections

#MeToo. Bill called on Congress to revise the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include protections against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation for all workers.

Military Training & Financial Assistance

Bill's Armed Service Education Training and Tuition (ASSET) will fill current gaps in tuition financing, fully covering the costs of training and degree programs to keep our military equipped with the knowledge they need.

If you want to win in November, you have to appeal the the widest audience of people. Bill's policies and approach to government are not the typical partisan talking points and he dislikes 6-second soundbites. Bill's support across a wide spectrum of audiences is due to his ability to focus on the root causes of issues and create solutions. He puts Nevadans first, America second, and that's why his endorsements span a wide range of groups.

Bill has also received an Aq rating from the NRA, passed Vote Smart's Political Courage Test, and been endorsed by many individuals across the state.